Sturdy Girl Racing

The Sturdy Girl Cycling race team recruitment never stops.

Sturdy Girl Cycling created a racing team to foster the development of competitive women cyclists. The SGC racing team believes in the joy of cycling, the excitement of competition and that, above all, racing should be fun. We provide a safe, friendly, and well-structured environment for women to achieve team and individual goals. Our race program offers encouragement, training rides, and an appreciation for the challenge and fun of racing together as a team.

If you are interested in racing, please access the
SGC Club Meetup site

Simply complete the Race Readiness assessment and questions. 

To maintain your Sturdy Girl membership, you need to complete 6 competitive events each calendar year.

If you are wondering how to assess if you are ready to race, take Sturdy Girl Cycling's race-readiness assessment as part of the self-evaluation process.


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